Cod au Gratin Recipe

Traditional Newfoundland Cod au Gratin Recipe

4 Lbs. Fresh boned fillet of cod
24 oz. Fresh milk
4 oz. Margarine or butter
1/2 oz. Salt
4 oz. Flour
1 oz. Parmesan cheese (white grated)
10 oz. Old fashion cheddar cheese

First put cod in two quart salted hot water. Simmer ten minutes. Then drain, flake fish a little but don’t mush. Put milk in double boiler. Meanwhile, melt butter and add flour to melted butter. Put aside. When milk starts to foam on top and rise a little, add flour and butter mixture. Stir until thick and smooth. Take off and add very lightly to fish. Put into ten heat proof bowls. Add grated cheddar cheese on top , sprinkle on parmesan grated cheese and top with paprika. Put under boiler or in hot oven to lightly brown on top. Serves 10 people.


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