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Newfoundland Genealogy Resources

Family Tree Sites - is the site I have chosen to subscribe to with a yearly paid membership for my personal family tree, but you can use the free membership if you wish. takes the hassle out of finding out your family history. Through this service, all you have to do is start with the basics: input the names of family members that you can easily recall. Once has begun searching for others for you, the hints they leave on your family member's names will help lead you down a deeper path to discovery. These hints are designed to show a new ancestor to add to your tree or give you a new name to search so that you can watch your family's story emerge on its path that all led to you being born. {Read more} or visit now.

MyHeritage - Building a family tree on your own can be time consuming and tedious. Reap the benefits and personal rewards of knowing your family history the easy way through At, you can hand over the hard work to the company who searches for your family members for you, showing you your family history through an effortless process that takes little to no work on your part. They offer core functions such as smart matches within family trees that connect you to other users. It makes automatic matches between historical records and people while its Super Search engine explores billions at a time. I personally keep a copy of my most up to date family tree from Ancestry by importing a current GEDCOM file created from my Ancestry tree. This way I fine a lot more matches by using a Free account at

FamilySearch - brings generations together, all in one place. You can create family trees that help connect you to others that you may not have even known existed while preserving your unique genealogy online forever. Search through a variety of resources such as books, a catalog, genealogies and a Wiki page. Connect by sharing old photographs of your ancestors and new ones of your family to ensure your family is remembered. What others contribute to your family tree can also be viewed, helping you connect with people both across the country and across the world that you could be related to. is a 100% free to use Genealogy site that is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You will be amazed on how many Newfoundland records you will find on their site. Visit now.

Genealogy DNA Kits DNA - Dive into your rich ethnic origins with the simple to use DNA testing kits on AncestryDNA. Through AncestryDNA, you will be given the chance to understand your ethnicity in a detailed manner that breaks down the different regions of the planet where your ancestors hail from. Your entire genome will be surveyed through over 700,000 locations, completed through micro-array-based technology that picks up on even the smallest percentage of your heritage. To do so, all you must do is return a sample of your saliva to the company who will then analyze it and return your results in as little as six weeks. {Read more} or visit now.

Living DNA - LivingDNA Kits delves deeper into your ethnic origins more thoroughly than many other sites tend to do. When you seek out your ancestral origins, you will get access to 80 different world regions, such as the 21 specific ones in Ireland and Great Britain alone. You can look at both your paternal and maternal lines and note their origins as well as the places they may have migrated to. You can look up the migration patterns and connections through 10 different generations. Using your saliva sample, results may be constantly updated as the systems and technologies of the company are upgraded. Visit now.

FamilyTreeDNA - Perhaps one of the most comprehensive DNA testing sites around, FamilyTreeDNA Kits allow you to test your DNA through a number of different pathways to help you take a more in-depth look at where your family comes from. Through FamilyTreeDNA Kits, you can discover the percentages of your ethnicities and see them on a map. Confirm your family history and get better insight into your origins. This site also offers a Y-DNA service where you can look specifically at the paternal lines of your DNA and find the migration patterns of your male ancestors. You can do this with the mtDNA package as well to trace the women in your family. Visit now.

23andMe - Many Ancestry sites are designed to do one simple thing: find out the origins of your ancestors and your genes. 23andMe Ancestry DNA Kits take it one step further. When you work with 23andMe Ancestry DNA Kits, not only will you be getting an in-depth understanding of where you ultimately come from; you will be getting a look at the way that your DNA can predict your health. You will also have the option to be able to examine things like general wellness, the genetic health risks you may have, if you are a carrier of any genetic disorders and what sort of health traits you possess. Visit now.

Newfoundland Genealogy Research Sites

Newfoundland Grand Banks - Newfoundland Grand Banks is designed to help give historical data and original genealogical information to those in the province in Newfoundland. It serves as a directory for each parish, church, cemetery record and publications for you to search through. For those in Labrador and Newfoundland, it can be trickier than in other places in Canada to do, and this site aims to make it easier. It is the largest collection of free resource material found on the internet to give you plenty of knowledge to comb through. Get to know your family history and discover something new at Newfoundland Grand Banks. This site is one of the best free sites to search for Newfoundland genealogy records. Visit now.

Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador - A not-for-profit organization, the Family History Society of Newfoundland was established in the year 1984 and serves the purpose of helping researchers find desired genealogical information. Using discussion groups and lectures, the Family History Society of Newfoundland wants to give its members an opportunity to talk with one another and share their knowledge and interests. It offers you a way to trace your family history using public records, family documents, articles and more to help you trace your ancestors back hundreds of years. A newsletter is sent out to all of the site's members to keep everyone informed. Visit now.

Researching Genealogy and Family History - Memorial University - Using the Researching Genealogy and Family History - Memorial University archives, you can gain access to a huge selection of information on genealogy in Newfoundland. This archive has records that are related to topics as far back as the settlement of Newfoundland, making it great for tracing the backstory of your family from the ground up. The Maritime History Archive also offers names, dates, businesses and families that were involved in the settlements to comb through. Get access to detailed articles from student research papers conducted on the history of Newfoundland families to read through yourself as well. Visit now.

Find A Grave - If you are on a heritage and ancestry research hunt, one of the things you can do is find the graves of your ancestors. Whether you'd simply like to see where they are buried or would like to visit them and pay respects on your own, the Find A Grave website can help. Find A Grave is designed to let you search by first name, middle name, last name, year of birth and year of death to find where they are buried. If you know the cemetery location, this will help you find the grave more quickly. Visit now.

Can Genealogy - Newfoundland - Designed to help Canadians living in Labrador and Newfoundland understand their heritage, Can Genealogy - Newfoundland will help you unravel the history of your family origins through a variety of unique methods. You can browse the census records from the 1600s all the way to 1945 while also combing through historic newspapers. Birth, marriage and death records are all present, helping you understand when and where your ancestors’ lives changed to eventually lead to where you are today. This site exists to help those in Newfoundland and Labrador grab hold of the history that was lost when Newfoundland joined the confederation in 1949. Visit now.

RootsWeb - visit now.

Newfoundlanders and Genealogy on Facebook - visit now.

Newfoundland DNA Genealogy Research

GEDmatch - GEDmatch is a site geared toward both professional and amateur genealogists and researchers alike who are curious about genetic origins. The tools provided for searching are generally free with the option to use premium tools for those wishing to support the company. In order to use the site, you must provide your raw genetic DNA information to be used. Many people use this site, so connecting with family is simple once your DNA and theirs has been uploaded. People choose to give basic contact information to be reached at using this site, meaning you can get in contact with your family members straight away. Visit now.

Newfoundland GEDmatch on Facebook - This is a group for people with Newfoundland roots who have taken a DNA test and uploaded it to Gedmatch. Visit now.

OnSite Newfoundland Genealogy Research

The Rooms Genealogy Research - The Room Genealogy Research is a site that provides you with the ability to search out information about your ancestors and origins in Newfoundland and Labrador. It does this by providing you access to a space that is known as "The Rooms." This space is considered the largest cultural space in Labrador and showcases the province and history to the world. Here, you will find the most comprehensive and extensive collection of historical records, art and artifacts so you can explore the unique history you possess as a descendant of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Visit now.

MUN Centre for Newfoundland Studies - Using the Centre for Newfoundland Studies – Memorial University, you can gain access to important knowledge that will permit you to search for your ancestry in more ways than one. You can use all of the free resources that are offered by Centre for Newfoundland Studies – Memorial University, including historical records, NL Journal articles and a variety of research tools. This includes the newspaper directory, digital archives initiative, Encyclopedia of Newfoundland, discographies and more. You will also have access to web resources such as a variety of Newfoundland-based websites, heritage fair resources, genealogy and more. Visit MUN Centre for Newfoundland Studies now.