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Newfoundland Genealogy Resources

Genealogy Family Tree Sites - is the site I have chosen to subscribe to with a yearly paid membership for my personal family tree, but you can use the free membership if you wish. To begin your ancestry research, you’ll need to sign up for a free account then start by filling in your family tree to the best of your knowledge. Before you know it will be filling in the blanks for you! {Read more} or visit now.

    MyHeritage - visit now.

    FamilySearch - visit now.

Genealogy DNA Kits DNA - The Ancestry Canada DNA Kits will assist you with your own ancestry research and help you to record your family trees. Ancestry Canada has some of the most affordable DNA testing kits available today. {Read more} or visit now.

    23andMe - visit now..

    FamilyTreeDNA - visit now.

Newfoundland Genealogy Research Sites

    Newfoundland Grand Banks - visit now.

    Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador - visit now.

    RootsWeb - visit now.

    Newfoundlanders and Genealogy on Facebook - visit now.

Newfoundland DNA Genealogy Research

    GEDmatch - visit now.

    Newfoundland GEDmatch on Facebook - visit now.

OnSite Newfoundland Genealogy Research

    The Rooms Genealogy Research - visit now.

    MUN Centre for Newfoundland Studies - visit now.