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How to Learn About Your Newfoundland Family’s Past Through

It can be exciting to learn about your ancestors, but often our parents and grandparents have limited knowledge. We must place the pieces together to solve the puzzle of where we came from. is a website for Canadians that allows you to study your past, connect with distant relatives, and save the information online for sharing and future reference. There are also DNA matching kits to take your journey one step farther.

To begin your ancestry research, you’ll need to sign up for an free or paid account. To begin your study of your genealogy you’ll start by filling in your family tree to the best of your knowledge.

You may share your family trees with your own relatives. Each person can enter in the information that they know. It can be of benefit to share this knowledge because it gives you a greater chance of learning your ancestor’s first, middle, and last names, and even birth dates. Your collective knowledge of a family is worth something. You can even download and print your knowledge for easy reference. is also more than your family’s knowledge of the past. Since the site stores a vast amount of information about families around the world including Newfoundland, it may just have a tidbit or two that connects with your lineage.

With each person added, Ancestry will begin searching for them in their record collections. You never know when someone may have already added information to the vast database.

If Ancestry feels that there is a match, it will mark a hint with a leaf, so you can view the hint. If it’s a match, you can add the name to your tree. You can also do some research to verify if they may be a family member. The more time you spend in Ancestry, the more you’ll find.

Another helpful aspect of Ancestry are its DNA matching kits. You may order these kits to test your DNA to learn your DNA ethnicity.

Many people only have generalized information their genealogy and where our ancestors are from. You’ll be told they’re from “somewhere in England”, or “somewhere Kenya”, or “Syria” but this may only be a few generations of your family. Since it’s believed that all human life is from the region in Africa now called Ethiopia, how did your ancestors get from there to Newfoundland?

Your DNA matching test will provide different types of information to you. You’ll learn your deepest history of one of the most common pathways that they traveled around the world. Your most common history will involve the past thousand years, and is likely going to be more familiar to you.

After you receive your DNA matching results you’ll be presented with a list of percentages of DNA ethnicity. These tell you how much of each ethnicity you have in you.

There are several Newfoundland DNA groups available to help you discover your Newfoundland ancestors.

You have the ability to unlock your family tree with Your results are going to be fascinating and interesting. Visit to get start-ed today.

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