Family Tree Sites

Family Tree Sites

Rate this post – is the site I have chosen to subscribe to with a yearly paid membership for my personal family tree, but you can use the free membership if you wish. takes the hassle out of finding out your family history. Through this service, all you have to do is start with the basics: input the names of family members that you can easily recall. Once has begun searching for others for you, the hints they leave on your family member’s names will help lead you down a deeper path to discovery. These hints are designed to show a new ancestor to add to your tree or give you a new name to search so that you can watch your family’s story emerge on its path that all led to you being born. {Read more} or visit now.

MyHeritage – Building a family tree on your own can be time consuming and tedious. Reap the benefits and personal rewards of knowing your family history the easy way through At, you can hand over the hard work to the company who searches for your family members for you, showing you your family history through an effortless process that takes little to no work on your part. They offer core functions such as smart matches within family trees that connect you to other users. It makes automatic matches between historical records and people while its Super Search engine explores billions at a time. I personally keep a copy of my most up to date family tree from Ancestry by importing a current GEDCOM file created from my Ancestry tree. This way I fine a lot more matches by using a Free account at

FamilySearch – brings generations together, all in one place. You can create family trees that help connect you to others that you may not have even known existed while preserving your unique genealogy online forever. Search through a variety of resources such as books, a catalog, genealogies and a Wiki page. Connect by sharing old photographs of your ancestors and new ones of your family to ensure your family is remembered. What others contribute to your family tree can also be viewed, helping you connect with people both across the country and across the world that you could be related to. is a 100% free to use Genealogy site that is operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You will be amazed on how many Newfoundland records you will find on their site. Visit now.

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