Genealogy DNA Kits

Genealogy DNA Kits

Rate this post DNA – Dive into your rich ethnic origins with the simple to use DNA testing kits on AncestryDNA. Through AncestryDNA, you will be given the chance to understand your ethnicity in a detailed manner that breaks down the different regions of the planet where your ancestors hail from. Your entire genome will be surveyed through over 700,000 locations, completed through micro-array-based technology that picks up on even the smallest percentage of your heritage. To do so, all you must do is return a sample of your saliva to the company who will then analyze it and return your results in as little as six weeks. {Read more} or visit now.

Living DNA – LivingDNA Kits delves deeper into your ethnic origins more thoroughly than many other sites tend to do. When you seek out your ancestral origins, you will get access to 80 different world regions, such as the 21 specific ones in Ireland and Great Britain alone. You can look at both your paternal and maternal lines and note their origins as well as the places they may have migrated to. You can look up the migration patterns and connections through 10 different generations. Using your saliva sample, results may be constantly updated as the systems and technologies of the company are upgraded. Visit now.

FamilyTreeDNA – Perhaps one of the most comprehensive DNA testing sites around, FamilyTreeDNA Kits allow you to test your DNA through a number of different pathways to help you take a more in-depth look at where your family comes from. Through FamilyTreeDNA Kits, you can discover the percentages of your ethnicities and see them on a map. Confirm your family history and get better insight into your origins. This site also offers a Y-DNA service where you can look specifically at the paternal lines of your DNA and find the migration patterns of your male ancestors. You can do this with the mtDNA package as well to trace the women in your family. Visit now.

23andMe – Many Ancestry sites are designed to do one simple thing: find out the origins of your ancestors and your genes. 23andMe Ancestry DNA Kits take it one step further. When you work with 23andMe Ancestry DNA Kits, not only will you be getting an in-depth understanding of where you ultimately come from; you will be getting a look at the way that your DNA can predict your health. You will also have the option to be able to examine things like general wellness, the genetic health risks you may have, if you are a carrier of any genetic disorders and what sort of health traits you possess. Visit now.

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