Newfoundland Genealogy Research Sites

Newfoundland Genealogy Research Sites

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Newfoundland Grand Banks – Newfoundland Grand Banks is designed to help give historical data and original genealogical information to those in the province in Newfoundland. It serves as a directory for each parish, church, cemetery record and publications for you to search through. For those in Labrador and Newfoundland, it can be trickier than in other places in Canada to do, and this site aims to make it easier. It is the largest collection of free resource material found on the internet to give you plenty of knowledge to comb through. Get to know your family history and discover something new at Newfoundland Grand Banks. This site is one of the best free sites to search for Newfoundland genealogy records. Visit now.

Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador – A not-for-profit organization, the Family History Society of Newfoundland was established in the year 1984 and serves the purpose of helping researchers find desired genealogical information. Using discussion groups and lectures, the Family History Society of Newfoundland wants to give its members an opportunity to talk with one another and share their knowledge and interests. It offers you a way to trace your family history using public records, family documents, articles and more to help you trace your ancestors back hundreds of years. A newsletter is sent out to all of the site’s members to keep everyone informed. Visit now.

Researching Genealogy and Family History – Memorial University – Using the Researching Genealogy and Family History – Memorial University archives, you can gain access to a huge selection of information on genealogy in Newfoundland. This archive has records that are related to topics as far back as the settlement of Newfoundland, making it great for tracing the backstory of your family from the ground up. The Maritime History Archive also offers names, dates, businesses and families that were involved in the settlements to comb through. Get access to detailed articles from student research papers conducted on the history of Newfoundland families to read through yourself as well. Visit now.

Find A Grave – If you are on a heritage and ancestry research hunt, one of the things you can do is find the graves of your ancestors. Whether you’d simply like to see where they are buried or would like to visit them and pay respects on your own, the Find A Grave website can help. Find A Grave is designed to let you search by first name, middle name, last name, year of birth and year of death to find where they are buried. If you know the cemetery location, this will help you find the grave more quickly. Visit now.

Can Genealogy – Newfoundland – Designed to help Canadians living in Labrador and Newfoundland understand their heritage, Can Genealogy – Newfoundland will help you unravel the history of your family origins through a variety of unique methods. You can browse the census records from the 1600s all the way to 1945 while also combing through historic newspapers. Birth, marriage and death records are all present, helping you understand when and where your ancestors’ lives changed to eventually lead to where you are today. This site exists to help those in Newfoundland and Labrador grab hold of the history that was lost when Newfoundland joined the confederation in 1949. Visit now.

RootsWeb – visit now. Newfoundlanders and Genealogy on Facebook – visit now.

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