On Site Newfoundland Genealogy Research

On Site Newfoundland Genealogy Research

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The Rooms Genealogy Research – The Room Genealogy Research is a site that provides you with the ability to search out information about your ancestors and origins in Newfoundland and Labrador. It does this by providing you access to a space that is known as “The Rooms.” This space is considered the largest cultural space in Labrador and showcases the province and history to the world. Here, you will find the most comprehensive and extensive collection of historical records, art and artifacts so you can explore the unique history you possess as a descendant of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Visit TheRooms.ca now.

MUN Center for Newfoundland Studies – Using the Centre for Newfoundland Studies – Memorial University, you can gain access to important knowledge that will permit you to search for your ancestry in more ways than one. You can use all of the free resources that are offered by Center for Newfoundland Studies – Memorial University, including historical records, NL Journal articles and a variety of research tools. This includes the newspaper directory, digital archives initiative, Encyclopedia of Newfoundland, discographies and more. You will also have access to web resources such as a variety of Newfoundland-based websites, heritage fair resources, genealogy and more. Visit MUN Centre for Newfoundland Studies now.

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