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Newfoundland Recipes
Come taste the history and heritage of Newfoundland and Labrador. There’s a centuries-old tradition of ingenuity, imagination and inspiration in every bite. A blending Irish, Scottish, Aboriginal, English and French ancestry.

With the freshest ingredients from our oceans, lakes, rivers, game, plants and gardens. Lobster. Cod. Caribou. Salmon. Moose. Served up in recipes handed down generation to generation.

Taste recipes you’ve never heard of. With names you’ll never forget. Colcannon, Doughboys, Peas Soup, Salt Fish and Brewis, Toutons, and Cod Tongues to name a few. Come make new friends over a delicious Jigg’s Dinner, long the staple of a traditional Newfoundland ‘scoff’. There’s sure to be a song and a dance and a ‘yarn’ to follow. For desert try Figgy Duff, a delicious 16th-century steamed pudding that’s still very much a favorite today.

For a taste of the new Newfoundland and Labrador cuisine, try Salmon Ravioli, Braised Rabbit Pie, Caribou Bourguignon, and Bakeapple Cheesecake.

Newfoundland History:

I have always found the history our province to be of great interest and think we should all remember where we came from and to keep our rich history alive. I have focused on the history of my home town of Clarenville, Shoal Harbour. I also have fawn memory of our railway and how it tied our great province together. If you can help me with this project please contact me with any information along with any photos that you may have. also operates several online Canadian shopping portals for Women’s Swimwear and Family Halloween Costumes which helps to pay for this website.