Cookie Recipes

There are many delicious cookie recipes from Newfoundland, Canada. Here are few popular ones:

  1. Snowballs: These are soft and chewy cookies that are rolled in powdered sugar to give them a snowy appearance.
  2. Raisin Tea Buns: These are a traditional Newfoundland treat that are similar to scones or biscuits.
  3. Molasses Cookies: These are a classic Newfoundland cookie that are chewy and spicy, with a rich molasses flavor.
  4. Date Squares: These are a sweet and chewy bar cookie that is made with a crumbly oatmeal and brown sugar base and a date filling.

These are just a few of the many delicious cookie recipes that can be found in Newfoundland. Whether you prefer something sweet, or rich and decadent, there is sure to be a recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Shortbread Cookie Recipe

Aunt Marg’s Newfoundland Shortbread Recipe

Shortbread cookies are a classic Scottish biscuit that are known for their buttery, crumbly texture and delicate, sweet flavor. This recipe makes a delicious batch of buttery, crumbly shortbread cookies that are perfect for the holiday season or any time of year. You can also sprinkle the top of the cookies with granulated sugar before baking for an added touch of sweetness. Click on above photo to see recipe.

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Scones Recipe

Scones Recipe

Scones are a traditional British pastry that are typically served with tea or coffee. This recipe makes a delicious batch of fluffy and buttery scones that are perfect for breakfast, brunch, or as a sweet snack. You can also add in dried fruit, nuts, or spices to the dough to customize the flavor to your liking. Click on above photo to see recipe.

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